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trailblazher magazine contributor call out

Below you will find a list of contributor requests for upcoming issues of Trailblazher.
More are added all the time so check back soon. If you want to submit an article for a
section we are looking for, please GO HERE.

Are you a photographer in North America?
We are always looking for photographers to shoot content for our issues. If you'd like to
be considered, please join our talent pool. Fill out the form below. Please note that we are
still in start up phase and are uanble to monetarily compensate our photographers, however we
are able to offer value in other ways.

winter 2021 Issue #5

The ‘wow’ image for the Centerfold – an image of a strong, Trailblazing woman! High rez. horizontal image please. Please submit a seasonally appropriate photo.

Photo: High rez horizontal photo.


Reader submitted creed, poem etc. about the resilience of being a Trailblazher.


Spring 2022 Issue #6

coming soon

Photographer Talent Pool

We're always on the look out for professional photographers, at any stage of their career.
We invite you to join our talent pool!