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Fall 2020 Issue #1

Trailblazher premiered with our Fall 2020 Issue. Follow along with the stories of eight featured Trailblazhers -
Jackie Chemelli Forster, Joella Hogan, Leslie Bradford-Scott, Cait Bascom, Sandi Brock, Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp,
Melinda Macdonald and  Elaine Hauser & Alysa Klassen. Explore the honest submissions for ‘These Hands of Mine’,
discover sustainable rural fashion looks, nurture your belly with warm weather recipes and so much more!

On the Cover - Cait Bascom

Featured Photographer - Stacey Domolewski


Cattle Cait

Cait Bascom

Lace Brick Design

Jackie Chemelli Forster

The Yukon Soaps Company

Joella Hogan

Walton Wood Farm

Leslie Bradford-Scott

Shepherd Creek Farms

Sandi Brock

The Tulepps

Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp

Melinda By The Sea

Melinda MacDonald

The Gathered

Elaine Hauser & Alysa Klassen

Feature photographers

Jenny Imbeau

Jennifer Marie Photography
Yukon, Canada

Joella Hogan

Jenny is a proud born and raised Yukoner.  Being a part of a small community has blessed her with deep roots, an amazing support system and many exciting opportunities. Jennifer started doing photography over ten years ago and her support system has been by her side the entire journey. As a local photographer she has been lucky to be apart of many adventures, including; capturing a royal visit, scouting mountain tops in a helicopter, travelling to location in a float plane, working with local TV celebrities and now an integral piece of Trailblazher and a part of the inspiring community of women supporting women.

Ash Nayler

Ash Nayler Photography
Lakefield, ON, Canada

Leslie Bradford-Scott

Ash Nayler is a photographer, mama, farmer, daughter, traveler, lover and a self-appointed therapist who doesn’t believe in being just one thing - life is too exciting and curious. Nayler lives outside the small town of Peterborough, Ontario on a 125-acre organic farm with big fields and forest trails. Nayler also has a studio in Peterborough if clients want a more urban setting for sessions. Being able to have a career that brings joy to her through seeing other people feel beautiful is one of the best feelings she said.

Steve Rankin

Steve Rankin Photography
Port Hood, NS, Canada

Jay Rawding

Steve Rankin is a photographer from Mabou, Nova Scotia. Photography allows him to capture beautiful moments in places where they would normally be missed. His passion is the landscapes of Cape Breton for the quiet moments of solitude found while exploring. Rankin makes his living shooting weddings, real estate, family sessions, music and events for commercial clients.

Jodie Aldred

Jodie Aldred Photography
West Lorne, ON, Canada

Sandi Brock

Jodie Aldred is the owner and face behind the camera of Jodie Aldred Photography. A farm girl, Aldred captures the grit and passion of everyday farmlife to preserve for generations. Aldred resides on her family's beef and cash crop farm in West Lorne, Ontario, Canada. When not photographing, she is found helping on the farm or driving equipment for neighbouring farms. Specializing in agricultural photography was never her career plan, however with a passion for all things agriculture, it naturally led her to a career she loves.

Rheanon Neale

Rheanon Neale Photography
Manitoba, Canada

Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp

For me, taking photographs is capturing genuine moments and stories while making connections. I have a passion for documenting your story in the most organic way. I strive for true emotion within my photos so they will be moments you can feel years from now. With photography that is natural, relaxed, and beautifully lit, I like to have a calm and fun approach to each one of my sessions. I love warm tones and romantic feels.

Feature Article

Cait Bascom

Cattle Cait
Eastend, SK, Canada

Cattle Cait is a one-woman business brand owned by prairie gal, Cait Bascom. Situated remotely near Eastend, Saskatchewan, Cait designs and creates unique western fashion using leather, beads, metal, fabric  and paint. Her creative products range from accessories, apparel, and jewellery to leather bound calving books. Cait’s business creed is to create what is useful and decorative. Enjoy the ride!

Photographed by Stacey Jo Domolewski
Ramblin’ Rose Creative
Maple Creek, SK, Canada

Featured Article

Jackie Chemelli Forster

Lace Brick Design
Bergen, AB, Canada

Lace Brick Design is an adventure lifestyle brand for women owned by creative founder Jackie Chemelli Forster. The company designs jewellery, apparel and camp supply to empower passionate adventurers, lovers of the woods, road-trippers, full moon chasers, and backroad takers! Based near the Rockies outside of Calgary AB, Lace Brick Design is dedicated to building strong community vibes and styling passionate, fearless females.

Photographed by Stacey Jo Domolewski

Featured Article

Joella Hogan

Yukon Soaps Company
Mayo, YT, Canada

Yukon Soaps Company is an Indigenous-owned and operated business in Mayo, Yukon Canada. Owner Joella Hogan creates beautiful, hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, essential oil blends, and so much more featuring wild rose petals, juniper berries and the beadwork of Indigenous artisans. These soaps are literally infused and imprinted with the spirit of the Yukon and made with meticulous care by Joella. 

Photographed by Jenny Imbeau

Featured Article

Leslie Bradford-Scott

Walton Wood Farm
Bailieboro, Ontario

Walton Wood Farm, located near Peterborough, Ontario makes high-quality clean beauty and personal care products from sustainable ingredients that keep you looking, feeling, and smelling your best without exposure to harsh, dangerous chemicals. Owner Leslie Bradford-Scott is dedicated to developing and featuring her line of more than 80 consciously crafted and thoughtfully packaged gifts named after all too familiar life experiences.

Photographed by Ash Nayler

featured article

Sandi Brock

Shepard Creek Farms
Staffa, ON, Canada

Sandi Brock, along with her husband Mark runs Shepherd Creek Farms, a grain and livestock operation near Staffa, Ontario. Sandi looks after the livestock in their operation and through her niche YouTube channel - Sheepishly Me - provides daily behind-the-scenes posts about her sheep operation. Her mission is to tell stories in a different and open way to inform and entertain consumers about farming.

Photographed by Jodie Aldred

featured article

Cassandra & Stefanie Lepp

The Tulepps
Rivers, MB, Canada

Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp, two sisters and multi-passionate farmers reside just outside of Rivers, Manitoba. From fashion to farming, and horse shows to boating, these agriculture advocates are changing the conversation and the face of farming with their Instagram platform as they present their real life farm jobs intermingled with unique and creative posts about their many other diverse passions.

Photographed by Rheanon Neale

featured article

Melinda MacDonald

Melinda by the Sea
Creignish, NS, Canada

Melinda MacDonald is a full-time artist and seasonal gallery owner in Creignish, a picturesque corner of Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia. She is inspired by the epic views of the sea, sky and fields around her historic home overlooking St. George’s Bay. Her vibrant oil, acrylic and cold wax paintings capture the energy and beauty of her surroundings and her delight in her life there.

Photographed by Steve Rankin

featured article

Elaine Hauser & Alysa Klassen

The Gathered
Kathyrn, AB, Canada

Elaine Hauser and daughter Alysa Klassen run the Gathered - a small event-based family farm located just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Their specialty is custom weddings, farm dinners and private events with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms in all their menus. Their mission, along with their team, is to provide their guests with a space to unplug for a few hours and focus on things good for the soul. 

Photographed by Stacey Jo Domolewski

Digging Up the Roots

Jess Mose

Herbalist and Entrepreneur
Prairie Soap Shack
Elnora, Alberta, Canada

Jessica Mose is the owner, maker and prairie herbalist behind Prairie Soap Shack in central Alberta. Her business takes inspiration from the past and the plants of the prairies to create all-natural skin and body care for people who want a modern self-care routine infused with a connection to nature and the nostalgia of their roots.

Photographed By Chelsie Graham
Chelsie Graham Photography
Elnora, Alberta, Canada

these hands of mine

Kate Collins

Froggy River Farm
Uxbridge, ON, Canada

Kate Collins co-owns Froggy River Farm in Uxbridge, Ontario, a herb farm and forest garden, with her husband. Collins is a corporate city girl turned enterprising country mouse, and handcrafts herbal teas, skincare products and other potions made from the bounty of her farm. Collins also has the goal of connecting people to the plants around them.

Photographed by Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Photography
Peterborough, ON, Canada

These hands of mine

Taralea Simpson & Tracy Wood

Farm Away
Portage La Prairie, MB, Canada

Two sisters passionate about agriculture, Taralea Simpson and Tracy Wood created Farm Away, a retreat space near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba for families to gather, learn and stay. With lifelong careers in agriculture these sisters felt it was time for ‘urban’ to meet ‘rural’ in an intimate, informative and fun farm setting.

Photographed by Joella Turner
Freckled Photo
Bagot, MB

these hands of mine

Brittney Semenoff

Ashvale Coulee Designs
Pincher Creek, AB, Canada

Brittney Semenoff is from Pincher Creek, Alberta. where she lives and works as a ranch wife alongside her husband. Semenoff  raises a mixture of Angus and Simmental cattle on their ranch and is also the mother to two wild little gals! Using her love of the outdoors and Canadian wildlife, Semenoff creates unique pieces of antler jewelry in her business, Ashvale Coulee Designs.

Photographed by Chalsey Peeters & Malorie Reiter
Chalsey Peeters Photography
Pincher Creek, AB, Canada

Malorie Reiter Photo
Alberta, Canada

these hand of mine

Libby Humeniuk

Red Dog Imagery
Barrhead, AB, Canada

Libby Humeniuk is the artist behind Red Dog Imagery. She specializes in contemporary western fine art, using pastel on black paper. In addition to drawing the western lifestyle, she lives on a farm growing grain and raising simmental cattle around Barrhead, Alberta.

Photographed by Libby Humeniuk & Jillian Koleba
Jillian Koleba
Alberta, Canada


Yvette Putter

Yvette Putter - Writing and Editing Services
Pincher Creek, AB

Yvette Putter lives in Southern Alberta with her husband, three boys and her dog Charlie. Putter freelances in writing and editing services and practices a heart-centred work methodology. Putter provides mentorship in story development, editing for websites/books/grants, and produces news releases or articles to small business owners.

Photographed by Jessica Maunsell
Jessica Maunsell Photography
Alberta, Canada

grounded in you

Meagan Saum

Resilience Coach & Business Mentor
Crossfield, AB, Canada

Meagan Saum is a book-collecting, nature-loving, horse-obsessed momma of three. Saum is the owner of Silver Valley Ranch with her husband and an equine facilitated wellness professional, business mentor, and life coach for those who are feeling stuck or unsatisfied in their lives and/or careers.

Photography by Teal Hallaby
Four Winds Photography
Airdrie, AB, Canada

in the kitchen

Danielle French

South Pond Farms
Pontypool, ON, Canada

Danielle French is the founder of South Pond Farms, a destination farm in Pontypool, Ontario. Danielle loves tocreate unique settings and menus for the many events she offers at South Pond Farms, such as authentic farm-totable gatherings and weddings. Danielle was also the host of a television series called Taste of the Country, formerly on Netflix and the Makeful Channel in Canada, where she shares her tips and secrets, trials and tribulations, of life and work on the farm. Danielle’s dream is to inspire people to share her vision of a traditional life and way of cooking.

Photographed by Ash Nayler

cultivate your business

Jan Johnson

Trailblazher Co
Crossfield, AB, Canada

Jan Johnson is one of the main think tanks of Trailblazher Co. Her jam is content writing and ideas. Whether writing feature stories for Trailblazher magazine, web content or upcoming course materials, Jan is gifted with a pen! She is naturally skilled at connecting ideas in ways that influence the direction of the company. Jan is also a gifted people person and insightful communicator striving always to acknowledge and draw out the unique and highlight what makes people special (shaped by her 30 years as a lifeskills coach). Jan is fueled by exploring what is possible and bridging ideas into tangible, relevant offerings that set the business apart in this everchanging economy.

Sustainable Fashion

Stefanie & Cassandra Lepp

The Tulepps
Rivers, MB, Canada

The Tulepps are two sisters who run a grain farm in southwest Manitoba. They also run the ground crew for their dad's spray plane operation and manage their personal brand. Their IG account combines farming and fashion, breaks stereotypes and empowers women. The Tulepps focus on promoting agriculture through editorial style photos, with educational and fun messaging.

Photography by Stefanie Lepp

the wholesome you

Tammy Thielmen

EMDR Certified Therapist
Town & Country Counselling
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Tammy Thielman is a Masters-level Registered Social Worker. Thielman has a farm-based private counselling practice in the Interior of British Columbia, where she supports children and families, and offers equine and animal-assisted nature-based counselling.

Photographed by Victoria Skofteby
Victoria Skofteby Photography 
Tappen, BC, Canada


Hadleigh Burch & Breanne Burch

Hadleigh Burch
A Little Wild Farm
Drayton Valley, AB, Canada

Breanne Burch
Burch Acres
Drayton Valley, AB, Canada

Breanne and Hadleigh Burch are sister-in-laws raising families on 160 acres in rural Alberta outside Drayton Valley. The Burches strive to lead a simpler life and feel living rurally does not have to be isolating, but that one can create a sense of community by connecting with neighbours, friends and family. They created the Instagram hashtag #wethehomesteaders where they connect like-minded community members sharing the same goals and passions, virtually. You can follow them @burchacres and @alittlewildfarm on Instagram working with their hands, growing and raising food, getting back to the basics and sharing their resources, how-to’s, DIY’s and recipes.  

Photographed by Hadleigh Burch & Breanne Burch


Fall 2020 Issue #1

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