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returning contributor

**Please read carefully**
If you are a returning contributor for an issue of Trailblazher in any way, then this page is all for you!
The intake, management and tracking of incoming profiles and information is an
incredibly huge task for the team at Trailblazher, which is why we ask that you please submit/respond
in a timely manner and be extra careful of typos and of ensuring your information is accurate. If you
have any questions at all, please reach out to our team at

The whole team at Trailblazher is always so completely appreciative of social shares, tags
and spreading awareness of this heartfelt publication. As we are a small team on a
boostrap budget, we rely heavily on organic growth for our sales, so thank you in advance for your
sharing of your participation (when your issue is actively being shipped and we can
reveal you are in it) in Trailblazher. It literally helps us grow towards a sustainable business!

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