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Spring 2021 Issue #2

Featuring Erin Kinder, Laurie Trigg, Vashti Etzel, Jo Marshall,
Danielle & Carlyle French, Tammy Thielman, Ash Nayler and Kaitlin Knox!
Enjoy a gorgeous Spring tablescape, planning your spring seeds, slow fashion and more!

On the Cover - Mikaela Wiberg

Cover Photographer - Rhianna Harris


Ash Nayler Photography

Ash Nayler

Simple Farmer


South Pond Farms


Golden Eye Designs


Backwoods Buffalo


Winterwind Kigers and Quarter Horses


Town and Country Counselling


Kinder Surprise Antiques


Feature photographers

Brooke Martel

Brooke Amy Creative
Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Vashti Etzel

Brooke Martel has been photographing professionally since 2014. She has dived into many genres, but enjoys working with people most. She enjoys variety and is always looking to get creative and learn a new skill.

Kaylie Franklin

HerStory Western Lifestyle Photography
Marwayne, AB, Canada

Joanne Marshall

Growing-up half of her life in Southern Alberta and half in Northern Alberta, Franklin has witnessed the stunning views of the province's landscape from a very young age. Looking back, perhaps this is what molded her for a career in Western Lifestyle Photography. Franklin has traveled from Australia to the most southern states of the U.S. with clients and has been published in magazines like Cowboys and Indians and Canadian Cowboy Country. Her clients are diverse and exciting, allowing you to feel their emotions, hopes and dreams through a simple image.

Erin Caitlin

Erin Caitlin Photography
Peterborough, ON, Canada

Ash Nayler

 Erin Caitlin is a full time wedding and lifestyle photographer from Peterborough, ON. She graduated from Seneca College with a diploma in Independent Digital Photography in 2012, and has been pursuing her love of documentary photography ever since. Erin has had the opportunity to work with amazing families and couples over the past few years, and through these experiences has learned so much about life, love, loss and commitment. At 28 years old, she loves Jesus, family and country living.

Victoria Skofteby

Victoria Skofteby Photography 
Tappen, BC, Canada

Tammy Thielman

Victoria Skofteby is from the Okanagan in British Columbia, but travels worldwide capturing the raw, real and beautiful moments of life and love through her business, Victoria Skofteby Photography. Her timeless style draws off the wild and adventurous parts of souls and she loves the candid moments. She has a family of four and together they travel the world, living a life full of adventure.

Stacey Domolewski

Ramblin Rose Creative
Maple Creek, SK, Canada

Erin Kinder

Domolewski is a business and branding photographer with a passion for working to help rural, women-run small businesses grow their visibility. When she isn’t behind the camera, she enjoys farm life, CrossFit, running, and hanging out with her corgi Patsy.

Mackenzie Cortes

The Kindred Wolf
Whitecourt, AB, Canada

Laurie Trigg

Mackenzie Cortes of The Kindred Wolf resides in Whitecourt, Alberta, but photographs throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. An old soul, specializing in family, portraits, couples and small business branding photography, her heart beats for telling stories of grit and grace in a rousing way.

Featured Article

Ash Nayler

Ash Nayler Photography
Lakefield ON, Canada

Ash Nayler has been a photographer for 17 years. She is also a mama, chef, farmer, daughter, a traveler, a lover, a self-appointed ‘therapist’, and a really good friend. Nayler doesn’t believe in being just one thing, saying life is too large, exciting and curious.

Photographed by Ash Nayler & Erin Caitlin

Featured Article

Joanne Marshall

Simple Farmer
Neilburg , SK, Canada

Born in Dublin, Ireland, but then raised in small town Saskatchewan, Joanne Marshall knows a thing or two about starting where you are, with what you have. Marshall’s focus is to help individuals simplify their lives using eco-friendly steps. She is passionate in the categories of sustainability, DIY, and modern homesteading.

Photographed by Kaylie Franklin

featured article

Danielle French and Carlyle Apps

South Pond Farms
Pontypool, ON, Canada

Danielle French is the founder of South Pond Farms, a destination for celebration, community, learning and connection to the land. Carlyle Apps, Danielle’s eldest daughter has been involved in the business since the beginning, when she was just 12. Today they work together to manage South Pond Farms.

Photographed by Ash Nayler

Featured Article

Vashti Etzel

Golden Eye Designs
Faro, YK, Canada

Vashti Etzel is a Shuhta Dene and Kaska Dene artist who designs and creates luxurious Dene fine arts and jewellery in Faro, Yukon. Vashti draws her artistic inspiration from the land, the stories passed down from family, and her desire to continue her late grandmother's legacy in traditional Dene art.

Photographed by Brooke Martel

featured article

Laurie Trigg

Backwoods Buffalo
Mayerthorpe, AB

Laurie Trigg is a bison, pork and chicken rancher from rural Mayerthorpe, Alta. She prides herself in educating the public on where their food comes from and loosely throws around the phrase, “become a responsible omnivore.” She is proud to be a ‘farmHer’ in a profession predominantly navigated by men.

Photographed by Mackenzie Cortes

featured article

Kaitlin Knox

Winterwind Kigers and Carrondale Cattle Company Inc.
St. Andrews, NS, Canada

Kaitlin Knox has studied horsemanship from some of the world’s best horsemen in North America and Australia. She now runs Winterwind Kigers and the Carrondale Cattle Company, along with her partner, Ryan. Winterwind is the first breeder of Kiger horses in Atlantic Canada, offering breeding, sales, lessons and training.

Photographed by Katilin Knox

featured article

Tammy Thielman

Town and Country Counselling
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Tammy Thielman farms in the B.C. interior with her husband John and three children where they have horses, market sheep and run a sawmill and Nordic ski shop. Thielman is a registered counsellor and consultant on agriculture and mental health and specializes in equine and animal-assisted counselling on her farm-based practice, Town and Country Counselling.

Photographed by Victoria Skofteby

featured article

Erin Kinder

Kinder Surprise Antiques
Davidson, SK, Canada

Erin Kinder is always bursting with ideas and always on the go, “a million miles an hour” with a project at hand, she says. Everyday is an adventure and she never knows what she'll get up to. Kinder says there's no such thing as a "whoa button". She is also a proud mom, farmer’s wife, entrepreneur, volunteer, and friend.

Photographed by Stacey Domolewski

Digging Up the Roots

Jess Mose

Herbalist and Entrepreneur
Prairie Soap Shack
Elnora, Alberta, Canada

Jessica Mose is the owner, maker and prairie herbalist behind Prairie Soap Shack in central Alberta. Her business takes inspiration from the past and the plants of the prairies to create all-natural skin and body care for people who want a modern self-care routine infused with a connection to nature and the nostalgia of their roots.

Photographed By Chelsie Graham
Chelsie Graham Photography
Elnora, Alberta, Canada

these hands of mine

Renada Crawshaw

Pale Horse
Foothills, AB, Canada

Renada Crawshaw is the designer and creator behind Pale Horse, a western lifestyle brand located in the Foothills of Alberta. Her fashion design background inspired her to expand her business from custom bull skulls to western fashion such as wildrags, neck cowls, and one of a kind upcycled pieces.

Photographed by Shelby Simmonds
Twisted Tree Photography
Turner Valley, AB, Canada

These hands of mine

Romy Schill

Revolution Wool Company
Wallenstein, ON

Romy Schill operates the Revolution Wool Company. Schill's goal is to connect customers to authentic Canadian wool products and the story behind them. Their story begins on their family farm in Elmira, Ont.

Photographed by Jodie Aldred
Jodie Aldred Photography
West Lorne, ON

these hands of mine

Chelsea Hansler

Chelsea Hansler Art
Mattawa, ON, Canada

A mother, an artist, a homesteader, a hunter, a gardener - Chelsea Hansler is a woman with many hats. Each day she strives to learn something new, and she hopes to pass on this way of life to her children.

Photographed by Chelsea Hansler

these hand of mine

Lindsay Nassler

On the 9th Farms
Brechin, ON

Lindsay Nassler and her husband, Josh Livingstone, run a sustainable livestock farm near Orillia, Ont. They utilize regenerative farming practices and silvopasture models to raise their animals on 50-acres of pasture and forest. Nassler is the mother to a fiery little girl and a set of spirited twins.

Photographed by Heather Nassler
Vagabond Fables
Brechin, ON, Canada

cultivate your business

Jan Johnson

Trailblazher Co
Crossfield, AB, Canada

Jan Johnson is one of the main think tanks of Trailblazher Co. Her jam is content writing and ideas. Whether writing feature stories for Trailblazher magazine, web content or upcoming course materials, Jan is gifted with a pen! She is naturally skilled at connecting ideas in ways that influence the direction of the company. Jan is also a gifted people person and insightful communicator striving always to acknowledge and draw out the unique and highlight what makes people special (shaped by her 30 years as a lifeskills coach). Jan is fueled by exploring what is possible and bridging ideas into tangible, relevant offerings that set the business apart in this everchanging economy.

Choose the moments

Yvette Putter

Yvette Putter - Writing and Editing Services
Pincher Creek, AB

Yvette Putter lives in Southern Alberta with her husband, three boys and her dog Charlie. Putter freelances in writing and editing services and practices a heart-centred work methodology. Putter provides mentorship in story development, editing for websites/books/grants, and produces news releases or articles to small business owners.

Connecting through storytelling

Stacey Domolewski

Ramblin Rose Creative
Maple Creek, SK, Canada

Domolewski is a business and branding photographer with a passion for working to help rural, women-run small businesses grow their visibility. When she isn’t behind the camera, she enjoys farm life, CrossFit, running, and hanging out with her corgi Patsy.

rural threads

Styled by Peace'd Together

Mikaela Wiberg
Peace’d Together
Coombs, BC, Canada

I am Mikaela; Mother, partner, maker, thrifter, and lover of all things nature. I thrive alongside my 3.5 year old daughter and my supportive partner, as together we navigate life trying to keep things simple, creative and purposeful.

Photographed by Rhianna Harris
Opal Moon Photography
Coombs, BC, Canada

The wholesome you

Tammy Thielmen

EMDR Certified Therapist
Town & Country Counselling
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Tammy Thielman is a Masters-level Registered Social Worker. Thielman has a farm-based private counselling practice in the Interior of British Columbia, where she supports children and families, and offers equine and animal-assisted nature-based counselling.

Photographed by Victoria Skofteby
Victoria Skofteby Photography 
Tappen, BC, Canada

grounded in you

Meagan Saum

Resilience Coach & Business Mentor
Crossfield, AB, Canada

Meagan Saum is a book-collecting, nature-loving, horse-obsessed momma of three. Saum is the owner of Silver Valley Ranch with her husband and an equine facilitated wellness professional, business mentor, and life coach for those who are feeling stuck or unsatisfied in their lives and/or careers.

Photography by Teal Hallaby
Four Winds Photography
Airdrie, AB, Canada

in the kitchen

Robyn Chubey

Life of Glow
East St Paul, MB, Canada

Robyn Chubey is a photographer, content creator, photography course creator, mentor, mother, and part-time flower farmer, making her home on Prairie View Acres, in East St. Paul Man., along with her husband Dan and children Lila and Cade.

Photographed by Robyn Chubey


Hadleigh Burch

A Little Wild Farm
Drayton Valley, AB, Canada

Hadleigh Burch is the face behind the lens at A Little Wild Farm. Raising a menagerie of farm animals, growing her little apiary, and forever weeding her vegetable garden or tending to the greenhouse in the summer months, she can also be found knitting or sewing in her down time.

Photography by Hadleigh Burch


Vanessa Wrubleski

The Blushing Farmhouse
Millet, AB, Canada

Vanessa Wrubleski started living a rural life seven years ago with her husband. Since then, she has jumped into the rural lifestyle and self-sufficient living, head first. Between sheep farming with her father-in-law, to canning, welding, and of course gardening, there isn't much Wrubleski doesn't do on the farm.

Photographed by Ehjae Chan
St. Albert, AB, Canada


Spring 2021 Issue #2

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