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Summer 2021 Issue #3

Featuring: Paige Callaway owner of Pursue Victory Apparel & Paige 1912, Gioia Stanley owner of Metal & Mayflies, Nicole McLaren owner of Raven Reads Books Ltd., Diane Baker owner of Wildhorse Mountain Ranch and Elise McCormick & Joanne Sherrad owners of Aurum Skincare.

On the Cover - Nicole McLaren


Cover Photographer - Trayn Vanditmars


Raven Reads Books Ltd.


Wild Horse Mountain


Metal + Mayflies


Aurum Skincare


Pursue Victory Apparel & Paige 1912


Feature photographers


Ramblin Rose Creative
Maple Creek, SK, Canada

Paige Callaway and Diane Baker

Domolewski is a business and branding photographer with a passion for working to help rural, women-run small businesses grow their visibility. When she isn’t behind the camera, she enjoys farm life, CrossFit, running, and hanging out with her corgi Patsy.

Scotty Sherin

Scotty Sherin
Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Gioia Stanley

Professional photographer and storyteller. I always take the scenic route and I don't mind getting dirty. I love all things outdoors and I'm most comfortable in and around the water. Fly fishing and surfing are my fortes.

Melissa Naef

Melissa Naef
Dawson, YK, Canada

Elise McCormick and Joanne Sherrard

Yukon-based artist Melissa Naef uses her surrounding environment and community as a primary influence in her work. She works mostly within landscape, documentary and editorial work. Melissa is also a recent graduate of the Yukon School of Visual Arts, and is a freelance photographer within the Klondike Region.

featured article

Nicole McLaren

Raven Reads Books Ltd.
Logan Lake, BC, Canada

Nicole McLaren is a multi-award-winning Indigenous entrepreneur from British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Her extensive knowledge of economic development and passion for supporting Indigenous authors and artists allowed her to transform a small book club into Raven Reads, a thriving quarterly subscription box service.

Photographed by Trayn Vanditmars
Taryn Vanditmars Photography
Logan Lake, BC, Canada

featured article

Diane Baker

Wild Horse Mountain
Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada

Diane is a searcher, dreamer, trailblazer and lives a motto of, “Abracadabra – you create as you speak.” She has a B.Ed, 30 years experience as a wilderness guide and outfitter, is a Reiki Master Healer, a sharer of sacred horse magic, a spirit dancer, an EAL facilitator, entrepreneur, outlier, wife, mother and grandmother.

Photographed by Stacey Domolewski

featured article

Gioia Stanley

Metal +  Mayflies
Baddeck, NS, Canada

Metal + Mayflies is a unique business based in Nova Scotia, that combines one woman's passion for metalsmithing and fly fishing. Offering handcrafted jewelry and unique fishing excursions, Metal + Mayflies aims to bring out the adventurer in everyone either on or off the river.

Photographed by Scotty Sherin

featured article

Elise McCormick and Joanne Sherrard

Aurum Skincare
Dawson, YT, Canada

Joanne Sherrard: A graduate degree in aesthetic philosophy forms the unique way Joanne Sherrard shares her love of Canada with the world. Her lifelong struggle with eczema presents new challenges for product development, and ensures Aurum remains best in class in the natural treatment of highly reactive skin.

Elise McCormick: Through frustration with acne and rosacea, Elise McCormick developed a keen interest in formulating products  to address her skin’s unique needs. She believes advances in bioscience will revolutionize natural skincare. She dedicates her work in economic botany and innovative approach to cosmetic chemistry to fulfilling this vision.

Photographed by Melissa Naef

Featured Article

Paige Callaway

Pursue Victory Apparel & Paige 1912
@thebrandpage1912 | @pursuevictory | @paigeycallaway
Stavely, AB, Canada

A southern Alberta native, Paige Callaway focuses her attention on functional fashion with her two lines, Pursue Victory and Paige 1912. Using her experiences riding and rodeoing along with her education as a couturier, Paige manufactures functional fitting shirts for ladies right in Alberta.

Photographed by Stacey Domolewski

Digging Up the Roots

Jess Mose

Herbalist and Entrepreneur
Prairie Soap Shack
Elnora, Alberta, Canada

Jessica Mose is the owner, maker and prairie herbalist behind Prairie Soap Shack in central Alberta. Her business takes inspiration from the past and the plants of the prairies to create all-natural skin and body care for people who want a modern self-care routine infused with a connection to nature and the nostalgia of their roots.

Photographed By Chelsie Graham
Chelsie Graham Photography
Elnora, Alberta, Canada

these hands of mine

Laurel Ysebaert

Ysebaert Acres
Courtright, ON, Canada

Laurel Ysebaert is a mother, wife and registered veterinary technician working on turning their third-generation 50-acre family farm into a sustainable farmstead. Ysebaert Acres has free-range laying hens who provide them with beautiful fresh eggs to sell locally, and they will be starting a fold of Scottish Highland cattle later in the year.

Hair: Tara Hazzard - @taraheartshair

Make-up: Rikki Hurst - @makeupbyrikk

Clothing + Accessories: Cold Cactus Boutique - @coldcactusboutique

Photographed by Tara Roberts
The Cold Cactus Boutique
Appin ON, Canada

These hands of mine

Sarah Strautman and Erin Kernalguen

Living Sky Farms
RM of Birch Hills, SK, Canada

Sarah Strautman and Erin Kernalguen are the owners and operators of Living Sky Farms. They offer fresh, whole grain products such as flour, flakes, soups & bread mixes using grains grown right in Saskatchewan for their customers to use in their kitchens.

Photographed by Jade Folden
Jade Lauren Photography
Melfort, SK, Canada

these hands of mine

Linda Bennett

L.E. Bennett Leather and Silver
Morris, MB, Canada

Linda Bennett is a mostly self-taught leatherworker who focuses on creating high quality leather gear mainly for those in the horse industry, but also for those just looking for high quality handcrafted goods. She is also a beginner silversmith with a long-time passion for horses. Linda is a momma, wife, animal lover, hunter, bookworm and loves the outdoors.

Photographed by Gundi Manteufel-Grajciar
Pictured by GMG
Grunthal, MB, Canada

cultivate your business

Tara Roberts

Cold Cactus Boutique
Appin, ON, Canada

Tara Roberts is the owner of The Cold Cactus Boutique, a western and country chic lifestyle boutique based in Ontario, Canada. Beyond a business owner, Tara is a wife and mom of two beautiful boys, Stetson and Weston, and she has a deep love for the outdoors, agriculture, western communities and photography. She enjoys using Cold Cactus as an opportunity to network and share her love of entrepreneurship with others. In addition, Tara enjoys the opportunity to inspire, make people feel their best and help them express their individuality, originality, and lifestyle.

Photographed by Tara Roberts

spaces we love

Robyn Chubey

Life of Glow
East St Paul, MB, Canada

Robyn Chubey is a photographer, content creator, mother, and part-time flower farmer making her home at Prairie View Acres, in East St. Paul, Manitoba, along with her husband Dan, and children Lila and Cade.

Photographed by Robyn Chubey

Grounded in you

Meagan Saum

Resilience Coach and Business Mentor
Crossfield, AB, Canada

Meagan Saum is a book-collecting, nature-loving, horse-obsessed momma of three. She is the owner of Silver Valley Ranch with her husband and an equine facilitated wellness professional, business mentor, and life coach for those who are feeling stuck or unsatisfied in their lives and/or careers.

Photographed By Teal Hallaby
Four Winds Photography
Airdrie, AB, Canada

her story

Jana Harman

Bar Ten Ranch
Lillooet, BC, Canada

Born and raised in Kelowna, B.C. In 2011, Jana Harman moved to Saskatchewan for university and got my Bachelor's of Education. Harman now resides on a 500-acre cattle ranch outside of Lillooet B.C. with her partner Cole, her dogs, horses, and cattle. The perfect mix of love and chaos.

Photographed by Kyla Krisa
Kay Photos Photography
Kelowna, BC, Canada

rural threads

Styled by Sparkle Chicks


Cassandra Torgerson: @cassie_lin5
Taylor McWilliam: @taylor.mcwilliam
Anessa Big Snake: @anessabs
Shae Vanden Elsen: @shaevanz

Photographed by Stacey Domolewski
Ramblin Rose Creative
Maple Creek, SK, Canada

Pack Your bags

Jennifer Wilkie

Wilkies Cove Boathouse
@0jennid #wilkiescove
Upper Lahave, NS, Canada

Jennifer Wilkie is a 3rd generation farmer (christmas trees, beef, produce, eggs, flowers, luffa, etc). An adventurer from a young age Jennifer left Nova Scotia at the age of 17 to see the world by jumping on a plane to Thailand, where she joined a group called YWAM. Soon she changed her mind and headed off to university in B.C. where she received her Bachelor of Arts. In the next few years she married, had a short term career in the fashion industry and found her life and path in farming. She has never been happier.

Photographed by Beatrice Schuler
Barass Corner, NS, Canada

the wholesome you

Tammy Thielmen

EMDR Certified Therapist
Town & Country Counselling
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Tammy Thielman is a Masters-level Registered Social Worker. Thielman has a farm-based private counselling practice in the Interior of British Columbia, where she supports children and families, and offers equine and animal-assisted nature-based counselling.

Photographed by Victoria Skofteby
Victoria Skofteby Photography 
Tappen, BC, Canada

Sip It

Dallas James

James Family Farm
Port Perry, ON, Canada

Dallas James is a farmer and that is something she never thought she’d say. A former professional musician, mom to three and wife to a police officer, she was ready for a life change once she hit 40! In the first year of owning the farm the James have acquired honeybees, laying hens, pastured chickens and their beloved Scottish Highland cattle.What started as a passion project has grown to an ongoing everyday education - saying the farm was built by YouTube and Google is not a stretch.

Photographed by Eileen Rogers-Coughlin
Eye Images Photography
Stouffville, ON, Canada

on the trail

Sam Mitchell

Skijor Canada & ReMount Leather
@samazon77 @skijorcanada @remount_leather
Millarville, AB, Canada

Sam Mitchell lives near Millarville, Alberta where she manages an equestrian property, trains horses, makes art and cooks up outlandish ideas. A love of old leather inspired her line of ReMount bags which can be found on Instagram. An avid volunteer, she whips in for the Calgary Hunt Club, organizes sidesaddle races for Millarville and the Calgary Stampede, and hosts Skijordue, an annual charity event.

Photography by Amanda Ubell
Amanda Ubell Photography
Airdrie, AB, Canada


Hadleigh Burch

A Little Wild Farm
Drayton Valley, AB, Canada

Hadleigh Burch is the face behind the lens at A Little Wild Farm. Raising a menagerie of farm animals, growing her little apiary, and forever weeding her vegetable garden or tending to the greenhouse in the summer months, she can also be found knitting or sewing in her down time.

Photography by Hadleigh Burch


Vanessa Wrubleski

The Blushing Farmhouse
Millet, AB, Canada

Vanessa Wrubleski started living a rural life seven years ago with her husband. Since then, she has jumped into the rural lifestyle and self-sufficient living, head first. Between sheep farming with her father-in-law, to canning, welding, and of course gardening, there isn't much Wrubleski doesn't do on the farm.

Photography by Vanessa Wrubleski

Make it

Vanessa Wrubleski

The Blushing Farmhouse
Millet, AB, Canada

Vanessa Wrubleski started living a rural life seven years ago with her husband. Since then, she has jumped into the rural lifestyle and self-sufficient living, head first. Between sheep farming with her father-in-law, to canning, welding, and of course gardening, there isn't much Wrubleski doesn't do on the farm.

Photography by Vanessa Wrubleski


Summer 2021 Issue #3

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