I am a Trailblazher

I am a Trailblazher

I am a Trailblazher.

Through my eyes, the world looks full of possibility.
Uncharted territory doesn’t scare me, it awakens my grit.
I ground my life with the meaningful. I seek experiences.
I think different and I do different.
I have a rebel soul, a wild streak and an unyielding spirit.
I create. I get things done.
The horizon stretching in front of me is a path calling my name.
I move forward with the end in mind. I strive to make a difference.
I have great ideas … I sew them like precious seeds, they grow strong.
When I fail … I dust off and go again.
I know my worth. I stand confident.
I challenge myself more – I do what others won’t.
My dreams are building me into the woman I know I can be.
I do the work. Now is my time.
I am a Trailblazher.

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