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Ship me 24 Issues - Wholesale Stockist Program

Ship me 24 Issues - Wholesale Stockist Program

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The Trailblazher Co. Stockist program is a wholesale agreement between Trailblazher Co. for Trailblazher magazine and independant stockists in Canada and the US.

Each quarterly issue will be automatically shipped to your shop (North America ONLY). 

Wholesale pricing is currently 65% of the cover price of $21.99 = $14.29.
As we are a newer publication, when our printing volume goes up, we will be able to offer you a lower wholesale price.

A minimum of 6 copies is required for wholesale orders. Quantities of 6, 12 and 24 are available. Magazines ship around the 22nd of September, December, March and June for each corresponding issue.

At checkout please choose the option to create an account - this will enable you to manage your subscription online.

Prices are in Cdn dollars.

Product FAQ's

We don't accept returns on products however if your product is damaged, please Contact Us here.

Trailblazher readers are an incredible group of women! We post numerous calls for participation throughout the year on our social media. Be sure to sign up for our Trailblazher Hub Newsletter. Open calls for submissions are posted here.

If at checkout you input or make a mistake with your shipping address, we are unable to refund or reimburse your order. If the Magazine Issue is returned to us, we can re-ship to you at your expense.

Trailblazher ships to Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and beyond.